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Las Estacas is a gift of Nature located in Tlaltizapán, State of Morelos. Its name comes from the wood sticks pinned on the river side to hold water raise.

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Located in the Municipality of Tlaltizapán in the State of Morelos is the Balneario Las Estacas, undoubtedly one of the places most visited for its natural beauty and its proximity to Mexico City. Las Estacas is an incomparable place as it is here where the Yautepec river flows, with a borbollón that has a width of about 12 m, with variable depth and crystalline waters that are rich in minerals. Its name is due to the fact that in times past they put stakes to the edge of the river to control the rise of its waters and to be able to water the attached lands. Estacas belong to the state ecological reserve “Sierra de Montenegro-Las Estacas” located just 90 minutes from Mexico City. The Park has excellent facilities, providing quality, attention and services for visitors to spend an unparalleled stay in all recreational areas. When visiting Las Estacas you will come into contact with nature, it is as if you are on an island, where you can admire beautiful landscapes, as well as the flora and fauna of the place and of course have fun in the great attractions that the Park offers.

Attractions in Las Estacas: • Borbollón The first place to visit should definitely be the borbollón, a spring from which more than 7 thousand liters of water are born per second, which feeds the kilometer of river that is in the park, and which is also who gives life to the park and Which is certainly a great experience, since you can also show your best dug from the pit. The borbollón has an antiquity of 10 thousand years and is the mightiest spring of “Estacas”, since the Park counts on another 40 along the river, mostly located in Poza Chica. • Poza Azul Poza Azul as its name says it is a channel with blue and green tonalities, and in which you can appreciate the flora of its depths. A natural wonder more than you will find in Las Estacas. Here in Poza Azul you will find a ditch pit of 1.80 meters from where you can launch and swim in it or if you prefer to take a raft or kayak tour. Also in Poza Azul you will find the Restaurant that has the same name and from where you can admire the landscape. • Poza Chica When arriving to Poza Chica you will find a small natural pool, quiet depth that goes from 1.40 m to 2.10 m, with admirable landscapes and to submerge you can witness the birth of how the small springs and where inhabits a variety of fish of different sizes And colors. The Park offers guided tours of snorkeling or diving, both great experiences.

• Rincón Brujo
In Rincón Brujo you will find a millennial Amate Negro, which reaches 25 meters high and which keeps a legend, which you will meet when you are in front of it. Here you can enjoy the tranquility with the river bed of “Las Estacas”, crystalline waters that are born and run under the shade of trees that have years of history.

Las Estacas offers different tours on rafts on weekends and holidays, and where they make a special stop in this corner to know the magic history of the famous wizard Bertoldo.
Scuba Diving in Las Estacas
Do you like to dive?
When you immerse yourself in the background you will be able to explore the river bottom from the Borbollón to Poza Azul, 7 meters deep, a route of 500 m of underwater landscapes that will leave you an unforgettable memory.
In addition, right here in Las Estacas you will be able to certify yourself as it is the only diving school in the center of the country in which besides the certification you will get the international credential at the end of the course, which goes from basic to instructor:

* International diver 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars.
* Instructor Courses

Life-saving courses with IDIM / CMAS / ILS (International Life-Saving Federation)

The Park instructors are trained and evaluated by the most prestigious schools in the world.

** Diving courses can be attended from age 6 onwards.

* Snorkel
Come and see the wonders of the fabulous river, and Poza Chica is the best place to snorkel, thanks to the clarity of the water and gives you the opportunity to observe its natural jewels in the company of the fish that inhabit the small springs That give life to this beautiful place.

** When you arrive at the park, you can take your place because the space is limited. On weekend or holiday you can come on tour or if you wish, you can rent the equipment and venture alone.

Restaurant Los Amates in Las Estacas
So you do not have to worry about food and just dedicate yourself to enjoy Las Estacas offers you the Restaurant service, with delicious specialties in addition to the most varied dishes of Mexican and international cuisine in “Los Amates”.

On weekends the Restaurant offers buffet as well as breakfast and lunch.

It is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
* Restaurant Poza Azul
Poza Azul offers the most delicious and varied snacks, as well as antojitos, hamburgers, nuggets, exotic drinks and snacks.
Relax and let yourself be pampered at the Spa, which offers a wide variety of treatments specialized in health and beauty, surrounded by lush vegetation, multicolored lilies and a crystal clear river.





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