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Las Estacas is a gift of Nature located in Tlaltizapán, State of Morelos. Its name comes from the wood sticks pinned on the river side to hold water raise.

Historical records show the Olmecas and the Tlahuicas settled in the region, having Yautepec and Tlaltizapan as their main sites because of the water.

After the  Spanish Conquest, the Hacienda de Temilpa is founded and throughout the years it became a sugar mill. The river’s water moved the mill and Las Estacas became part of the Hacienda.

During Porfirio Díaz regime, these land belonged to Manuel Alarcón, governor of the state of Morelos and good friend of Díaz. When Díaz felt ill, he came to swim in these mineral rich waters .

During the Mexican Revolution, Emiliano Zapata set his headquarters in Tlaltizapán. During this time, the Haciendas in the area were deserted and destroyed, including Temilpa’s.

Years later, in 1941 the Hacienda’s orchard was sold and since then it has been focused mainly on tourism. In 1996 the Natural Park theme is created and since then facilities and services have been getting better so visitors find a nice and unique place.


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